Designed for Professionals and Newcomers: Paul Mengert’s AMG

July 17, 2019
No matter if you are a vetted professional or are brand new to the resident association industry, Paul Mengert started AMG as a method to prepare you with the knowledge that you need to succeed in the resident association industry. AMG brings in the industry’s top community association management professionals and uses the most modern resources to deliver exactly what your association residents need effectively and efficiently. AMG uses extensive experience and hiring practices in order to hire their managers to make sure that the company’s standards and passions are upheld. And they have their managers use independent discretion to satisfy the goals requested by clients. They have also developed advanced software that uses computer based tracking systems to allow managers to keep track of service requests and work orders and store those accounts on the documents they maintain. Paul Mengert’s AMG has been an active member of the Community Association Institute which is a national trade organization that represents the interests of condominium, townhome, and single family associations throughout the United States.